HSC Committees

Community Plan to Prevent and End Homelessness Oversight Committee

Monitor and report bi-annual results on Action Steps in the Community Plan; responsible for planning five (5) year community process to review goals and objectives to ensure that they continue to reflect current and future activities; review plan to ensure goals are relevant for community; committee must meet at least quarterly; membership should include direct services staff and agency managers. Chair: Torrie Kopp Mueller, 608-266-6254

HUD Homeless Assistance Application Committee

Advise the Board of Directors on annual CoC and ETH application requirements and propose projects for inclusion in federal application for funds; must meet at least quarterly; meet at least weekly during application process; inform HSC membership and implement strategies outlined in submitted applications; review application scores and take action for improvement; remain informed on HUD priorities. Chair: Torrie Kopp Mueller, 608-266-6254 or Sarah Lim 608-261-9148

Coordinated Entry System Committee

Advise the Board of Directors on issues related to planning, implementing and evaluating the activities of the local coordinated intake and assessment system; responsible to identify and document gaps in service; oversee housing placement groups and ensure placement into permanent housing; remain informed on Zero Initiative and seek technical assistance as necessary. Chair: Torrie Kopp Mueller, 608-266-6254

Inreach and Outreach Committee

Educate and inform the HSC membership and public on local efforts to serve the Dane County homeless population through the website, social media, and other methods; provide education to the HSC membership on systems changes; provide opportunities for professional development to the HSC membership. Chair: Jani Koester 608-204-2063 and Jeanne Erickson 608-770-2049

As a reminder, the HSC EIO committee meets the fourth Monday of every month from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. at First United Methodist Church, located at 203 Wisconsin Avenue.

Legislative Committee

Monitor and respond to proposed federal, state and local legislation and educate members of the HSC on issues affecting the homeless population; annually provide an advocacy platform for the HSC Board approval. Chair (interim): Brenda Konkel, 608-257-0143

Mainstream Resources Committee

Coordinate efforts of local service providers in accessing mainstream resources for all clients being served by the HSC; organize trainings related to benefits for the HSC membership. Chair: Vacant

Performance Review Committee

Conduct peer reviews of programs funded through CoC and ESG funds to ensure that high quality programs are available to serve homeless and persons at risk of homelessness; offer guidance to underperforming programs; committee will advise the HUD Homeless Assistance Application Committee and the Board of Directors in prioritizing and selecting programs for inclusion in funding applications; membership should include both HUD funded and non-HUD funded agencies. Chair: Torrie Kopp Mueller, 608-266-6254 or Sarah Lim 608-261-9148

Point-In-Time Committee

Coordinate efforts to implement the semi-annual sheltered and unsheltered counts; advise the Board of Directors on Issues related to HUD requirements for the PIT counts; committee must be chaired by an agency that provides outreach services. Chair: Sarah Lim 608-261-9148

Data Committee

Advise the Board of Directors on issues related to managing the local homeless management information system (HMIS) and representing local interests at the state and federal levels; work with agencies to ensure accuracy of data; respond to and work with performance committee on program evaluation; coordinate training for service providers; regularly examine systems performance measures; committee membership should include those who enter data and agency decision makers. Chair: Melissa Sorenson, 608-250-2227 and Co-Chair: Sarah Lim, 608-222-7311

Written Standards Committee

Advise the Board of Directors on issues related to updating the current Written Standards for Providing Assistance to Homeless and At-Risk Persons in Dane County; complete an annual review of Standards and create schedule for improvements; remain aware of HUD requirements in order to keep standards up to date. Chair: Torrie Kopp-Mueller, 608-257-1436 and Maggie Carden, 608-807-1381

Funders Committee

Provide a forum for public and private funders of housing and services targeted to homeless and at-risk persons to share information and coordinate activities as possible; use the Community Plan to Prevent and End Homelessness when setting funding priorities; membership will include HSC Board President. Chair: Sarah Ceponis, 608-246-4350

Nominating & Governance Committee

The Chair of the Nominating Committee will be appointed by the President of the Board of Directors. Recruit a broad spectrum of potential Board of Directors candidates, solicit interested persons and review qualifications in order to present a ballot at the Annual Meeting on potential Board members; memberships should include at least one current Board Member who is not up for reelection; review bylaws at least biannually and present suggested changes to the Board of Directors. Chair: Torrie Kopp Mueller, 608-266-6254

Shelter Providers Committee

Advise the Board of Directors on issues related to the operation of emergency shelter system including unmet needs; provide forum for shelter providers to improve coordinated efforts to move homeless persons out of homelessness as soon as possible. Chair: Kristin Rucinski, 608-294-7998