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HUD Continuum of Care (CoC) Program Competition FY 2021

Each year HUD releases a Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) for the Continuum of Care (CoC) funding competition. In FY 2020, the Madison/Dane County CoC was awarded $3,939,374 for Permanent Supportive Housing, Rapid Rehousing, Coordinated Entry, Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) and Planning Projects.

HUD released the FY 2021 CoC Competition Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) on August 18, 2021. Please visit HUD's CoC Program Competition page for more information. The City of Madison is the Collaborative Applicant for this funding competition. Through renewal, CoC Bonus, DV Bonus and Planning funds, there is $4.452, 856 available to the Madison/Dane CoC. If you have any questions or are interested in applying, please reach out to Torrie Kopp Mueller, CoC Coordinator at (608)266-6254 or

Applications will be accepted for new projects created from reallocated, CoC Bonus or DV Bonus Funds. The following funding is available through these sources: 

     Reallocated Funds: $497,141

     CoC Bonus: $191,604

     DV Bonus: $314, 220

     Total: $1,002,965

Agencies interested in apply for funds in the FY2021 CoC Competition must complete application materials and submit them to by October 4, 2021 at NoonLate or incomplete applications will not be considered. Please do not wait until the deadline to submit the application. No grace period will be granted.

Competition Documents (approved by CoC Board of Directors on 7/22/21)

Review, Rating & Ranking Policy

New Applicants

     FY 2021 Continuum of Care - New Project Application

     Scoring Tool FY 2021 for New Projects

First-time Renewal Projects

     FY 2021 Continuum of Care - First-time Renewal Project Application

     Scoring Tool FY 2021 for First-time Renewal

Renewal Projects

     FY 2021 Continuum of Care - Renewal Project Application

     Scoring Tool FY 2021 Renewal 

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Informational Session


An informational session on the local funding competition was held on Friday, September 10th from 10:30-12:30. Here are slides from the meeting. If you were unable to attend the informational session, please email Torrie Kopp Mueller to set up an alternate time.

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