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As you know, the whole country has been negatively impacted as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and Madison is no exception. Madison has seen an increase in homelessness recently and in response Dane County has provided funds to assist families and individuals to secure sustainable housing. We would like to partner with you to make this possible.


In addition to providing for the first month’s rent and security deposit, our agency provides holistic support to ensure that tenants can sustain their tenancy long-term. Supports include:


  1. Assist in establishing direct deposit arrangements to give landlords peace of mind that rent will be paid consistently and on time.

  2. Tenancy and Financial training to ensure that properties are well maintained, lease agreement provisions are adhered to, city ordinances are followed, etc. 

  3. Identify other suitable social service agencies to provide wrap-around supports to ensure long-term sustainability. This includes an ongoing partnership with the Tenant Resource Center, who specialize in eviction prevention, including emergency funds and mediation.


Additionally, this past year, our community received additional resources to support people in securing and maintaining housing. Some households will have medium or long-term rent assistance, case management services and/or Section 8 vouchers.


Together we have the potential to create a mutually beneficial relationship that addresses a need in our community and minimizes property vacancies.


I look forward to an opportunity to further discuss our service and potentially partnering with you to refer suitable prospective tenants. Please feel free to contact with any questions that you may have about our program and services.


McKenna Pulsipher

Program Manager, Housing Navigation Services

Catholic Charities | 615 E. Washington Ave | Madison, WI 53703

P: (608) 826-8117 | F: (608) 250-3607|

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