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HSC Forms

Chronic Homeless Documentation

The forms below are for emergency shelter staff and street outreach providers to complete with their participants. These forms are required for Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) programs in our community.

Homeless History

Homeless History Packet

Third Party Verification Template

Self-Certification of Homelessness       

   En Español

Disability Verification

Disability Verification for HUD-funded Programs

Income Verification

Employment Verification

Zero Income Verification

Participant Interest Form

Participant Interest Form: Single Adults

Participant Interest Form: Households with minor children   

Please note that a recording of the Chronic Homelessness Documentation training is available here.

Recommended Forms for CoC- and EHH-funded Projects

The Homeless Services Consortium recommends that projects use the forms below for their client files. These forms will meet CoC and EHH funding requirements. Using the recommended forms allows staff to be on the same page with file requirements, can allow for a smoother transition if a client is transferring case managers, and will make monitoring visits easier. Additional forms, based on specific program needs, can be included in the file.

ESG & EHH Sample Forms Per Program Type

Coming Soon!

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