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Applications Submitted for Rank and Review for FY2022 CoC Competition

Renewal Applications

Community Action Coalition

     Dane County Rapid Rehousing E-Snaps

     Local Application

     Program Guide

Dane County

     Rental Assistance E-Snaps

     Local Application

     Tenant Handbook

Housing Initiatives

     Permanent Housing for Chronically Homeless E-Snaps

     Local Application

     Tenant Handbook

Institute for Community Alliances

     Homeless Management Information System (HMIS), not scored

     Coordinated Entry, not scored

Lutheran Social Services

     LSS Housing First E-Snaps

     Local Application

Porchlight, Inc.

     Housing First Leasing Project E-Snaps

     HFLP Local Application

     Brief CM Guide to Housing First

     Tenant Selection Process

     Housing Opportunities & Supportive Team-Focused Services E-Snaps

     HOSTS Local Application


     Permanent Housing Program E-Snaps

     PHP Local Application

     Tenant Handbook - Scattered Site

     Willy Street SRO E-Snaps

     Willy Street Local Application

     Tenant Handbook - Willy Street SRO

The Salvation Army

     RISE E-Snaps

     Local Application

     RISE Policies & Procedures

Special Renewal Applications

The Road Home

     Foundations E-Snaps

     Local Application


Lutheran Social Services

     LSS New Doorways E-Snaps

     Local Application

New Project Applications

The Salvation Army

    Hearts of Hope - E-snaps

    Local Application

Planning Grant

City of Madison

     Planning Grant, not scored or ranked

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